The Future #1 – Networked Dreaming

The average person sleeps 7 – 8 hours per night.

If a person can dream lucidly he/she can spend that time flying around buildings and pretending they’re a rock star.

Neuralink (an Elon Musk company) hopes to tap into human consciousness and negate the current bandwidth problem between human and computers (our data entry skills are really slow when compared to that of computer – computer transfer).

Thus, if this happens and we are able to control our minds in this unprecedented way, I predict that dreams will get a whole lot more fun as we start to have networked experiences within them.

Imagine playing an MMORPG every night in your dreams with your friends, gaining experience and leveling up all while you are literally sleeping.

Of course, this would only be the tip of the iceberg. If this would be possible then so could a lot of other experiences. Like imagine being able to prepare a report in your dream and have it saved into the cloud so that when you woke up your draft is already done.

One has to wonder about the down sides of this however, is it true that we sleep to give our brains a rest, to develop new synapse connections? When humans discover something, they tend to go all in and push it to its limits. I think that this will eventually lead to caps on the amount of “play” you can tolerate within your dreams so that you don’t suffer adversely in the real world.